Clemson vs. Boston College Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


When looking at bodies of work, the Clemson vs. Boston College pick for Saturday’s game seems like it should be easy. Seems it, anyway.

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Clemson is going to try to keep their recent momentum going, while Boston College worked hard to get back into the win column and does not want to disappoint the home crowd. One of them is going home disappointed, and it could be the Eagles, underdogs in this contest all along.

Yet, as Eagles fans certainly recall, they were much bigger underdogs against USC, for all the good that did the Trojans. The question is if lightning can strike twice at Alumni Stadium this season.

Clemson vs. Boston College Pick: The “Experts” Say…

None of CBS Sports’ six college football analysts picked Boston College. All picked the Eagles to cover when the spread was 8.5.

Clemson vs. Boston College Pick: BC Best-Case Scenario

Boston College’s defense comes to play early, putting Cole Stoudt on the run and shutting down Clemson’s run game from the start. The Eagles struggle initially to move the ball again Clemson’s defense, but the defense forces the Tigers into a turnover or two in their own territory. Boston College’s run game cashes in, and the Eagles take a narrow lead over Clemson.

The Tiger defense causes a few problems for the Eagles of their own, and Boston College special teams likewise has issues, but despite not exceeding 25 points, the Eagles turn their short-field score or two into a one-touchdown upset victory.

Clemson vs. Boston College Pick: BC Worst-Case Scenario

The Eagles are not ready for this game and it looks like it right away. Cole Stoudt, inspired by regaining his job and playing with a chip on his shoulder, marches Clemson down the field on their first possession and BC is playing catch-up all afternoon. The Clemson defense locks down the BC run game about as badly as Pitt did, and they suck all the life out of the crowd, who feel even before halftime that a comeback bid will be nearly impossible. The Tigers smother the Eagles in a low-scoring, two-touchdown win.

Clemson vs. Boston College Pick: The Bottom Line

Boston College has a chance going in, and arguably a better one than they had going into the USC game. Yet, this Clemson defense is very good, and though I do not believe the Tigers are going to completely shut down Boston College’s scalding-hot run game, they can slow it down enough and frustrate all of us.

The Eagles are going to need to keep it close and hope to get a break or two. Since those cannot be predicted, Clemson has to be the logical pick.

Clemson vs. Boston College Pick: Detailed Pick

• Clemson 26, Boston College 20
• Clemson -5