Analyst: Tyler Murphy A Top-50 College Football Quarterback


Boston College graduate student quarterback Tyler Murphy has gotten a great deal of attention since transferring from Florida, and some consider him to be okay at what he does.

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Mike Huguenin of, one of their college football analysts, ranked the quarterback situations for every FBS team from first to 128th.

So, where does Tyler Murphy fall? Is he near the top, given how prolific Boston College’s offense has been, or is he near the bottom, taking into account the fact that he can run but not really throw?

As it typically is in real life, the happy medium lies somewhere in between the extremes. Murphy and the Eagles came in a little bit above average at 48th. Their preseason rank in this same evaluation was the transposition of those digits — 84th — which shows how much better the Eagles have already done than expected.

In fact, Huguenin speaks of Murphy’s great ability to create plays with his feet while noting that the passing game has left much to be desired. In spite of the fact that the offense has been one-dimensional and the fans trust Tyler Murphy more with his legs than his arm, without him, the Eagles would be lost. He has made plays this season that some full-time running backs haven’t, keeping drives alive and occasionally fooling everyone to go for the big gain.

Nobody expected Murphy to have John Elway’s arm when he came to Boston College, though he has seemingly gotten a little better in terms of accuracy since the start of the year. Remember, his stat line would look better if the Eagles had not had some brutal drops along the way.

This is nevertheless a fair and very complimentary ranking for Tyler Murphy and the Boston College quarterback situation in general. Because he is not much of a passer, it might have made sense to see him lower on the list, but his running has been so good and game-changing that he belongs in the top 50.