Boston College-NC State Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


The outcry after the Colorado State game was loud, but the NC State game reactions from Boston College fans and players was a lot nicer.

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Yesterday afternoon, in a long game down in Raleigh (featuring about a one-hour lightning delay just minutes after the second half began), Boston College got their first win at NC State since 2008 by claiming a 30-14 victory.

After two weeks of brooding over the collapse against the Rams, the peanut gallery was all smiles.

As always, we used Storify to round up some of the NC State game reactions we were able to find.

NC State Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans

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Our Reactions to the NC State Game Reactions

  • The Boston College fans are happy now, and why shouldn’t they be? The first half of the season is now over, and it featured many ups and downs; most recently a down. To bounce back and get a conference road win as an underdog (though three points) is never a bad thing.
  • In the Eagles’ case — and this is not us trying to overstate the victory or NC State as a team — this one all but saved their season. At 4-2 heading into a tricky second half, Boston College now has a fighting chance at making another bowl. This just following their worst loss of the season. No wonder people are pleased.
  • This did not come up much in the postgame reactions, but here’s a thought: if Boston College had played against Colorado State with the same kind of aggressiveness they showed against NC State, they would have won. It’s water under the bridge at this point, but while this was a nice bounce-back, it does make the Rams game look even more undignified in hindsight.