2014 Boston College Football: Not Gameday Morning


Alumni Stadium lies empty today as it’s not gameday morning on the Heights.

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For the first time since the weekend of August 23, there is no Boston College Eagles football game on the schedule. This might allow you a chance to recharge from the ups and downs of the first five weeks of the season, though many were probably eager to try to get the offensive taste of the Colorado State game out of their mouths.

All Boston College fans can do is watch the rest of Division I beat each other up this Saturday afternoon and evening. Some stories of interest:

Not Gameday Morning:
Scott Shafer, Geopolitical Perspectivist

Last night, our division rival, the Syracuse Orange, had a horrible night, and it was not just them losing to Louisville by a 28-6 final score.

Quarterback Terrel Hunt left the game following an injury while the whole offense sputtered. In fact, neither offense was any good, but a lousy game for the Orange took a weird turn when head coach Scott Shafer held his post-game press conference.

The coach attempted to rationalize the defeat by pointing out how horrible things are elsewhere in the world. He said, in part:

"No despair, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I see ISIS is out there cutting people’s heads off. The real world’s got some major problems. Some major problems. And we’re just so doggone lucky to be coaching and playing a sport. And being criticized for not getting a call with a couple seconds left in the game or being criticized for not catching a dead pig with air in it. So, to me, you know, life’s pretty damn good. Scott Shafer Plays The Perspective Card, Things Get Weird (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, Sean Keeley)"

There’s the old “yeah we sucked tonight, but those guys in the Middle East have it way worse than you hypercritical fans, so shut your piehole” defense. Problems in the world are more important than football, but this guy makes a good amount of bank to care about football, so he should probably get on that.

Shafer already seemed like the type with a snarky mouth, but the imagery from last night turned dark. Remember, the next time you see a quarterback throw a football, it’s an inflated former swine. Because that’s important to note.

Not Gameday Morning:
Over/Under on Stress Flashbacks I’ll Have to CSU Game on Saturday


Not Gameday Morning:
Games to Watch

If you don’t stumble upon Alabama vs. Ole Miss (CBS, 3:30pm ET) at some point today, you’re doing it wrong. Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State (ESPN, Noon ET) looks like the best of the early afternoon games.

Nebraska vs. Michigan State (ABC, 8pm ET) should be a good one, and you can end your night with Utah vs. UCLA (ESPN, 10:30pm ET)

Not Gameday Morning:
…But It Is Hockey Gameday Morning

Your Boston College Eagles men’s hockey team takes to the ice at Kelley Rink tonight at 7pm for their preseason exhibition against New Brunswick. Admission is free.

The season opener is in less than a week against UMass-Lowell.