Boston College-Colorado State Game Reactions: Coaches, Media, and Fans


The Colorado State game reactions are high in sodium, as they are very salty from an annoyed Boston College fanbase.

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There is no way to sugarcoat it: Boston College blew it on Saturday afternoon against the Rams, and a golden opportunity to take a winnable game, as well as the chance at a 4-1 record, disappeared in an instant.

Via Storify, the comments from Eagles fans speak for themselves:

Boston College-Colorado State Game Reactions

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Our Reactions to the Colorado State Game Reactions

  • If you can’t detect the frustration, you are probably in a coma. There’s just no excuse for what Boston College did yesterday.
  • In spite of that, and this came through from many different Eagles fans, we all felt that Boston College played maybe a C-minus game and still should have won.
  • Give Colorado State credit, because Boston College kept letting them up off the mat and eventually the Eagles paid for it.
  • Still, right at the very end of the game, despite all of the miscues in the first 59 minutes, the Eagles had to make a stop on 4th and 10 to seal the win and they could not do it. They did not deserve to win.
  • This did not come through so much above, but Alex Howell missing his field goal kick was just part of a disturbing trend of Boston College field goal misses. Nevertheless, even though the Eagles lost by a field goal, failings on offense, defense, and special teams were all equally responsible for the loss. No one person is to blame.