Colorado State at Boston College Pick: Scenarios & Bottom Line


Generating a Colorado State at Boston College pick for Saturday’s football game at Alumni Stadium has not been as easy as some might expect.

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Sure, the point spread in Vegas started at less than a field goal in favor of the Eagles and is now grazing double-digits at some sportsbooks. The degenerate gamblers really like Boston College in this one, but we cannot let that sway us in making our pick.

Do the Eagles take this game to move to 4-1, or do they experience a setback after a few weeks of building momentum?

Colorado State at Boston College Pick: BC Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles run all over Colorado State in their first possession of the game, setting the tone for what is a high-scoring game — for Boston College, anyway. The Rams, in their first-ever trip to Boston, fall behind early as their defense is unable to stop the six-headed rushing attack of the Eagles and, because of these long drives, cannot get their offense on the field. Garrett Grayson has a decent afternoon and the Rams break into the 20s with a big pass play or two, but go no further as the Eagles win by somewhere between 14 and 17 points.

Colorado State at Boston College Pick: BC Worst-Case Scenario

Boston College’ rushing offense performs decently, but not the kind of performance like they had against USC or Maine, which will come as a disappointment to Eagles fans given that the Rams’ run defense has not been great. Meanwhile, Colorado State hangs around all game thanks to a solid aerial assault which tests the Eagles’ secondary. Statistically, the Eagles might be more productive than the Rams, but Colorado State hangs around long enough to break through late and steal a one-score victory in what will feel like a very frustrating game that they’ll tell you they should have won.

Colorado State at Boston College Pick: The “Experts” Say

Colorado State’s hometown newspaper didn’t even pick them to win this one. FanSided partner site Fantasy CPR also picked Boston College.

Colorado State at Boston College Pick: The Bottom Line

The Rams are not a bad team at the end of the day and I think they have a decent shot at making another bowl game, which will be a good thing for their program.

With that said, I think Boston College has a clear advantage when their offense is on the field, whereas the Rams offense is probably about even with the Eagles defense. Given how good their offense has been so far, Colorado State scoring 30 points is a possibility. Their problem is that Boston College can probably score 40.

And with that said, expect the Rams to be an annoyance. This game does not feel like a coming blowout; expect Colorado State to play hard and play peskily, hanging around in the game until Boston College’s typical second-half surge kicks in and they get a bit of breathing room.

Colorado State at Boston College Pick: Details

• Boston College 37, Colorado State 28
• Colorado State +9.5