2014 Week 5 College Football Rankings


Florida State might have fallen off their perch if not for a lousy Clemson playcall in overtime, but they top the 2014 Week 5 college football rankings.

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Meanwhile, Oregon remains a strong number two, despite almost getting knocked off themselves last weekend. So, how about the other 23 teams? Sadly, Boston College still is not amongst them, but winning their next two games to get to 5-1 would get them in the conversation.

2014 Week 5 College Football Rankings: The Real Polls

Florida State 1, Oregon 2, Alabama 3 in the AP. FSU is first, Alabama second, Oklahoma third, and Oregon fourth in the USA Today.

2014 Week 5 College Football Rankings: Our Poll

1. Florida State Seminoles (ACC)
2. Oregon Ducks (Pac-12)
3. Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC)
4. Oklahoma Sooners (Big 12)
5. Auburn Tigers (SEC)

6. Texas A&M Aggies (SEC)
7. Baylor Bears (Big 12)
8. Mississippi Rebels (SEC)
9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Ind.)
10. Michigan State Spartans (Big Ten)

11. UCLA Bruins (Pac-12)
12. Arizona State Sun Devils (Pac-12)
13. South Carolina Gamecocks (SEC)
14. Georgia Bulldogs (SEC)
15. Mississippi State Bulldogs (SEC)

16. Stanford Cardinal (Pac-12)
17. LSU Tigers (SEC)
18. USC Trojans (Pac-12)
19. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten)
20. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Big Ten)

21. BYU Cougars (Ind.)
22. Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten)
23. East Carolina Pirates (AAC)
24. Duke Blue Devils (ACC)
25. Clemson Tigers (ACC)

2014 Week 5 College Football Rankings: By Conference

SEC (8) | Pac-12 (5) | Big Ten (4) | ACC (3) | Big 12 (2) | Ind. (2) | AAC (1)

2014 Week 5 College Football Rankings: Sayonara

Missouri and Kansas State have been dropped from our ballot since last week. It was a tough call between Clemson and K-State for the last spot; giving the nod to the Tigers for taking #1 to overtime on the road, even against a backup. The Wildcats also played admirably against Auburn.