Boston College-Maine Game Reactions: Coaches, Players, Media, and Fans


Boston College football pulled off a large victory over the visiting Black Bears yesterday, meaning the Maine game reactions were pleasing.

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Not overwhelming, as this game got a lot less attention than the one that came before it, but the Eagles are now 3-1 on the season and with a chance to beat another decent team next week to push themselves closer to bowl eligibility, if not more down the road.

We turn to Storify for the Maine game reactions of the team, fans, and more:

Boston College-Maine Game Reactions: 9/20/2014

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Reactions to the Maine game reactions:

  • The happiness was all around, except for Coach Addazio, who was probably running at a thousand degrees Kelvin at how lethargic the Eagles looked early. He knew that the potential for a letdown was there after the USC game, and even though there ultimately was no letdown, it took the Eagles a while to wake up. He expects better of his team.
  • On the other hand, Addazio had to have also been proud of how his team responded. They did what was necessary and ended up completely smothering Maine. Boston College basically gave them a one-touchdown head start and they still lost by 30.
  • The focus has already shifted immediately to Colorado State. Last week, everyone seemed to be absorbing the USC game and relishing it, but Maine seemed quite far away. This team knows they cannot sleepwalk against the Rams or anyone else for that matter. A better team might have given Boston College a much harder time on Saturday, not letting them back up off the mat so easily.
  • Marcus Outlow made the most of his shot in the second half yesterday. More will be said on this soon, but ponder this thesis statement a third of the way through the year: Is Boston College’s rushing offense better than last season?