Maine at Boston College Pick: Scenarios & Bottom Line


You probably already know what the Maine at Boston College pick is, but you should see it for yourself anyway.

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The Eagles have a history of not losing to Maine after the Great War, and while that’s all well and good, football games 100 years ago are irrelevant. What matters is how Boston College plays on Saturday; will they get off to a 3-1 start this season or will they undo all of their goodwill from the USC game?

Proceed if you dare.

Maine at Boston College Pick: BC Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles take their opening possession to the end zone for a touchdown, and that’s all they need to win. Of course, they add about 35 more points over the course of a five-touchdown victory, and rush for roughly 400 more yards. This is even after calling off the attack in the fourth quarter and putting Darius Wade in the contest. The Black Bears are virtually unable to score, getting a few late field goals out of pity.

Maine at Boston College Pick: BC Worst-Case Scenario

Maine kicks a field goal for the first score of the game and their defense holds Boston College on their first, maybe first two drives. The game seems uncomfortable in the first quarter but the offense, led by Tyler Murphy, reasserts itself. Boston College leads by about ten in a low-scoring game at the half, and goes on to a two-touchdown victory while rushing for about 250 yards.

Maine at Boston College Pick: The Bottom Line

Boston College is a better team and that is not up for debate, at least not unless they find a way to lose. That is highly unlikely. Maine’s offense has looked incompetent in their first two games and they will probably not score more than two or three times at most. A decent effort from Boston College should win with relative ease.

Maine at Boston College Pick: Details

• Boston College 31, Maine 6