Maine at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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Sep 13, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles running back Jon Hilliman (32) celebrates scoring a touchdown during the third quarter against Southern California Trojans at Alumni Stadium. The Boston College Eagles won 37-31. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Maine at Boston College sure isn’t USC at Boston College, but we can stand to take a week off from the excitement.

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What are some of the most pressing issues regarding this game? What are some of those things we just need to know before kickoff? To answer one question on most of your minds, the lots open at 10am.

As for the other five questions, here they are.

Maine at Boston College: 5 Big Questions — #5

Crowd size will be smaller than last week, but by how much?

Think less than 30,000. Anything more than that would be a legitimately decent showing considering the opposition.

It’s a 1pm game the weekend after a huge upset, but the Eagles are playing a pretty lousy team and there is no excitement about the matchup. Some students will go, as they turned out well for the first three games (including the UMass game at Gillette), but for a team like Maine, the only ones showing up might be the freshmen BC Athletics is encouraging to adopt some school spirit.

The Soaring to Glory team will be there, but remember also that many young alumni came into town for the USC game, which was like a mini-reunion weekend for some. They will not be doing the same for Maine.