2014 Week 4 College Football Rankings


2014 Week 4 college football rankings: Who’s number one? The same team as the last few weeks. But who’s number two? Aye, there’s the rub.

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The two major polls each have a different team in that second slot, with the AP giving the nod to Oregon and the Coaches handing it to Alabama.

Were this the end of the season, both would be in the playoff and possibly facing each other, so it would be moot, but there will come a time when the top four in the nation will matter a great deal, and positioning counts.

As for now, it’s just Week 4, and for the first time in a long time, the Boston College Eagles have had a hand in disrupting college football’s top 25. In fact, had they found a way to beat Pittsburgh on September 5, they would probably even be a part of it right now.

Alas, here are our teams at the top.

2014 Week 4 College Football Rankings

1. Florida State Seminoles (ACC)
2. Oregon Ducks (Pac-12)
3. Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC)
4. Oklahoma Sooners (Big 12)
5. Auburn Tigers (SEC)

6. Texas A&M Aggies (SEC)
7. Baylor Bears (Big 12)
8. LSU Tigers (SEC)
9. Mississippi Rebels (SEC)
10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Ind.)

11. Michigan State Spartans (Big Ten)
12. UCLA Bruins (Pac-12)
13. Arizona State Sun Devils (Pac-12)
14. South Carolina Gamecocks (SEC)
15. Georgia Bulldogs (SEC)

16. Stanford Cardinal (Pac-12)
17. Missouri Tigers (SEC)
18. USC Trojans (Pac-12)
19. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten)
20. Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten)

21. Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12)
22. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Big Ten)
23. BYU Cougars (Ind.)
24. Clemson Tigers (ACC)
25. Duke Blue Devils (ACC)

2014 Week 4 College Football Rankings: By Conference

SEC (8) | Pac-12 (5) | Big Ten (4) | ACC (3) | Big 12 (3) | Ind. (2)

2014 Week 4 College Football Rankings: How Close Are The Eagles?

Not really that close yet, but the fact that they’re even getting votes in the real poll is a testament to how far the program has already come under Steve Addazio in what was decreed by the “experts” to be a down year. They would probably have to win their next three straight (Maine, Colorado State, and NC State) in respectable fashion to get close.