USC at Boston College: The Game Thread


The USC at Boston College football game has arrived, ready or not for the Eagles.

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A little over one week ago, this team was fired up for its home opener at night against the Pittsburgh Panthers, but it was the visiting team that looked like they meant business. Tonight, Boston College could be on their way to a 1-2 start if they aren’t careful with the highly-talented USC Trojans, who pose a serious threat to the Eagles on both sides of the ball.

The Soaring to Glory crew is live and on-campus right now, or at worst on their way. If you aren’t — and there’s a good chance you’re not if you’re reading this pregame — then stay with us here as we (hopefully) enjoy the show.

Below, you have access to the Twitter feed of the Soaring to Glory writership. Instagram photos will also be embedded in said stream, with photos and YouTube videos to follow.

To interact with the STG crew or your fellow Eagles fans during USC at Boston College, tweet at us or comment below. Like our pictures, and add some of your own.

USC at Boston College: Twitter Game Thread

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