USC at Boston College Pick: Scenarios & Bottom Line


Whether we want to give it or not, let’s offer up the USC at Boston College pick for tomorrow night.

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The Eagles have been heavy underdogs throughout the process, though with a slightly larger spread earlier in the week. Nevertheless, one would have to think there is a reason for that, and the Pittsburgh game did not help. Some will think this could be a letdown game following USC’s big win at Stanford last week, but how much do the Eagles have in the tank?

USC at Boston College Pick: Boston College Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles hold USC on their first defensive series, and not in the sense that they would give up a five-yard penalty and an automatic first down. Boston College might even take the early lead on a field goal as the Trojans suffer a bit of a Stanford hangover.

Boston College clearly looks more inspired than last week against Pitt, though they ultimately find themselves trailing by one score at the half. USC wakes up in the second half and pulls away a little bit, but failing to cover the spread in a game that reminds Eagles fans of the Florida State loss last season. Despite the score, fans feel better about this loss than the one eight days prior.

USC at Boston College Pick: Boston College Worst-Case Scenario

The Trojans remind Boston College of how they looked in Los Angeles last season by making them relive the experience. The Eagles are down something like 17-0 after the first three or four offensive possessions by USC and have to play catch-up all night. Like against Pitt, they never do.

Boston College’s passing game remains disturbing and the run game is shut down as USC rolls to about a four-touchdown victory; the Eagles don’t eclipse 250 yards of total offense.

USC at Boston College Pick: The “Experts” Say

Boston College could cover the spread, but with next to no shot of winning.

USC at Boston College Pick: The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that the program is generally moving in the right direction, they have yet to show they have the chops to beat a team like USC. Games like Florida State and Clemson in 2013 were competitive, but still losses. If the game they played at the LA Coliseum last season wasn’t a reality check, the Pittsburgh game last Friday was.

Boston College could demonstrate some pride and try harder in a big game such as this, but if the Eagles hang with USC for all sixty minutes, it would be shocking.

USC at Boston College Pick: Details

• USC 34, Boston College 10
• USC -17