Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Six


Week 2 was actually a decent recovery, so now we try to make it consecutive non-embarrassing weeks with the Week 3 college football picks.

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Might be biting off more than we can chew there, but such is life.

Remember, these are all against-the-spread picks, we do not expressly condone gambling, and all ACC picks come later.

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick One

Georgia (-6) at South Carolina
3:30pm, CBS

The last time I picked the HBC to win a game against an SEC opponent at home, that opening game against Texas A&M happened. The last time I said Mark Richt would lose control of a perfect season, he grabbed it and didn’t let go. I cannot make either mistake again, though one would think the Gamecocks could exhibit some pride after their last SEC game and take this. Not going to pick it, but you never know. Georgia -6

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Two

Iowa State at Iowa (-10)
3:30pm, ESPN

Iowa State has had its good points over the years, but this year is not looking like it will produce anything favorable. If they beat Iowa, the Cyclones will get over it. The Hawkeyes have not played anyone of note yet, though that probably makes no difference. Last time around, Iowa State was a bad team and still gave Iowa a competitive rivalry game. Let’s say they do it again. ISU +10

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Three

Minnesota at TCU (-14)
4:00pm, Fox Sports 1

Minnesota and TCU have played three combined games, going 3-0, and yet have beaten nobody. The Gophers have a decent enough program; they might not win in Texas, but I could imagine a game within two touchdowns. Minnesota +14

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Four

Louisiana-Monroe at LSU (-31)
7:00pm, ESPNU

Gotta love the Fun Belt, but Les Miles will have his way with the Warhawks (not literally). This is a lot of points to lay, but LSU probably will. LSU -31

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Five

Tennessee at Oklahoma (-20.5)
8:00pm, ABC

This game will be up against USC/Boston College on ABC, and might be a more competitive game. Can Oklahoma lay three touchdowns against a possibly okay team? Yes. Will they? If they want to keep going up in the polls, they will. The fightin’ Butch Joneses could give them a run under the right circumstances but I have to defer to the top five team. Oklahoma -20.5

Week 3 College Football Picks: Pick Six

UCLA (-7.5) vs. Texas
8:00pm, Fox

Texas looked awful against BYU, and even though they won both games, UCLA struggled to beat Virginia and thoroughly terrible Memphis. UCLA should win, but a big margin seems a little unlikely. A touchdown-point-five seems doable. UCLA -7.5