USC at Boston College: An Unfortunate Ranked-Team Streak


The USC at Boston College game pits the Eagles against the Trojans, a ranked team, and it has been a long time since Boston College has beaten one.

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Not since the days of Jeff Jagodzinski have the Eagles knocked off a team in the Top 25, though they have had some valiant efforts; for example, their 48-34 loss to eventual national champion Florida State last season.

Still, this streak for Boston College, a once proud program that hopes to be as such again very soon, has gone on for six years. The Eagles will attempt to stop the streak with the #9 USC at Boston College game, though it will be exceptionally difficult against a top-ten team.

The Last Win Against A Ranked Team…

Saturday, November 15, 2008: Boston College at #20 Florida State. The Eagles beat two ranked teams this season (Virginia Tech was the first), but this one was memorable. Five Seminoles players got suspended prior to the game, Montel Harris ran for 121 yards, and Christian Ponder got picked off three times. In this 27-17 win, the Eagles thoroughly controlled Florida State in their own building in this Saturday night primetime game.

Losses to Ranked Teams Leading Up to USC at Boston College 2014

1. October 10, 2009: Boston College at #5 Virginia Tech, 48-14 loss
2. November 21, 2009: #25 North Carolina at Boston College, 31-13 loss
3. October 16, 2010: Boston College at #16 Florida State, 24-19 loss
4. January 9, 2011: Boston College vs. #15 Nevada, 20-13 loss
5. October 8, 2011: Boston College at #8 Clemson, 36-14 loss
6. October 22, 2011: Boston College at #16 Virginia Tech, 30-14 loss
7. November 19, 2011: Boston College at #24 Notre Dame, 16-14 loss
8. September 29, 2012: #17 Clemson at Boston College, 45-31 loss
9. October 13, 2012: Boston College at #11 Florida State, 51-7 loss
10. November 10, 2012: #4 Notre Dame at Boston College, 21-6 loss
11. September 28, 2013: #8 Florida State at Boston College, 48-34 loss
12. October 12, 2013: Boston College at #3 Clemson, 24-14 loss

Twelve losses in a row to ranked teams for the Eagles. Some games were competitive, some were horrible, but they all ended the same way.

In case you were wondering, Boston College’s last victory against a top-ten team was that magical night in Blacksburg, Virginia in October 2007. This game against USC has a tough act to follow, but being the program’s next top-ten victory would be quite a feat.