VIDEO: Boston College Eagles Take the Field at Alumni Stadium


Last night’s game against the Pitt Panthers might have been impossible to watch, but the Boston College Eagles made a grand entrance at Alumni Stadium.

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Being the home opener, and the first night game, a pyrotechnic display of some sort was almost certainly going to be included, and alas, it was. When the Eagles football team ran out onto the field, it was a sight to behold.

And you may now behold it, but not from the perspective you may have seen on television or even from your seat at Alumni Stadium.

Soaring to Glory’s cameraman (me) was present for the team’s run out of the tunnel, and what happened is below. Of course, the game was awful, but do not let that ruin the moment.

Be sure to also view it in glorious 1080p high-definition, and no, the guy yelling in the background is not me.

Eagles at Alumni Stadium

Next week’s game against the USC Trojans may have some of the same fanfare as Friday night, as it will be a national television game with a nearly-packed house. Unfortunately, the end result might be even less enjoyable than last night.

If only we could have played Wake Forest again like the previous Friday night game.