Boston College-Pitt Game Reactions: Coaches, Players, and Fans


Just some Pitt game reactions from Boston College football coaches, players, and fans from the cheap seats.

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For this, we turn to Storify, where we have assembled a few Pitt game reactions and quotes, and our responses to some will follow.

It goes without saying that for those of a maroon and gold persuasion, Friday night was not a good night, and there were plenty of things to be said about how the Eagles played. None of them were particularly good.

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Some notes on these BC-Pitt game reactions, in bullet point format:

  • Coach Addazio understands that his team exhibited some major fundamental problems last night. The question now to ask is why. How could an offensive line this experienced get manhandled so badly? How do players at this level consistently have trouble with tackling? How do you propose to fix it? Addazio is taking ownership of it and must get to improving this team if they are to make something out of this season.
  • Tyler Murphy is also taking ownership of his own performance, but Shakim Phillips nicely made it a team thing. Murphy did throw a lot of bad balls, though some could have been caught.
  • The defense not scoring points was not a huge problem — it was the offense not scoring points after the times in which the defense did its job. If Daniels were to have any gripe, it would be the Eagles not scoring after his interception moved them inside the Pitt 30.
  • Not too many silver linings being found today amongst the fans.