Week 2 College Football Rankings: 2014 Season


Our Week 2 college football rankings for 2014, because we need to get our ballot in before this week’s rankings become irrelevant.

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Within the first few weeks, change is inevitable. Someone is going to shock all the sports pundits with a huge win, while other teams will surprise these same people in a bad way. Remember when Arkansas went from #8 to unranked in the span of a week in early September?

Who will be the latest victim of failing to live up to the standards set for them?

2014 Week 2 College Football Rankings

1. Florida State Seminoles (ACC)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC)
3. Oklahoma Sooners (Big 12)
4. Oregon Ducks (Pac-12)
5. Auburn Tigers (SEC)

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten)
7. Georgia Bulldogs (SEC)
8. Michigan State Spartans (Big Ten)
9. Texas A&M Aggies (SEC)
10. Stanford Cardinal (Pac-12)

11. Baylor Bears (Big 12)
12. LSU Tigers (SEC)
13. UCLA Bruins (Pac-12)
14. USC Trojans (Pac-12)
15. Arizona State Sun Devils (Pac-12)

16. Mississippi Rebels (SEC)
17. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Big Ten)
18. Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12)
19. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Ind.)
20. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten)

21. Missouri Tigers (SEC)
22. South Carolina Gamecocks (SEC)
23. Texas Longhorns (Big 12)
24. North Carolina Tar Heels (ACC)
25. Louisville Cardinals (ACC)

2014 Week 2 College Football Rankings: By Conference

SEC (8), Pac-12 (5), Big 12 (4), Big Ten (4), ACC (3), Ind. (1)

2014 Week 2 College Football Rankings: On 0-1 Teams

Teams with a losing record should be lucky to be ranked at all (in real life, not by me, since my vote doesn’t count), but generally speaking, they can get a pass for the first week.

If you start 0-2 or as a weak 1-1, no matter how big the preseason hype was, you don’t deserve that little number next to your name. So, consider this a warning, Wisconsin and especially South Carolina.