Boston College at Massachusetts Pick: Scenarios & Bottom Line


Though you already know what it is, here’s the Boston College at Massachusetts pick for Saturday’s football game at Gillette Stadium.

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We have waited quite some time for football to return for the Eagles, and we are only a day away from football being restored to the maroon and gold masses. It is unconscionable that we have come all this way just to see them lose to UMass, isn’t it?

Boston College at Massachusetts Pick: Boston College Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles come flying out of the gate with a touchdown on their first possession, carving up UMass’s defense with runs from Tyler Murphy, Myles Willis, and others. Boston College’s defense sputters a bit, but the Minutemen are so offensively inept that it does not make a difference. The maroon and gold go into the half with about a 17-point lead and win by close to 30.

Boston College at Massachusetts Pick: Boston College Worst-Case Scenario

UMass, not the Eagles, strike first, but Boston College is able to get it back to a tie and then slightly pull away. Murphy and the offense look far shakier than they should, and UMass plays with a chip on their shoulder, but the Eagles are able to get and maintain a one to two-score lead all the way in what would be an uncomfortable win, reminiscent of the Villanova game in 2013.

Boston College at Massachusetts Pick: The Bottom Line

UMass knows it is being written off in this game, and they have every right to believe they will change that. Chances are, however, they probably won’t.

For all of the “problems” Boston College is perceived to have, there is still a decent chance of them being a bowl team and a middle-of-the-road ACC program. UMass, on the other hand, will struggle to win three games.

A Minutemen win is not impossible, as nothing truly is in sports, but a lot of things are going to have to go right for them to pull it off. It should not surprise anyone if Boston College gets off to a slow start, but unless UMass is a far more competitive team than last season, it will not stay that way.

Boston College at Massachusetts Pick: Detailed Pick

• Boston College 34, Massachusetts 14
• Boston College -17