2014 Week 1 ACC Football Picks


A few years ago, after an embarrassing week of selections, this author swore he would never do ACC picks again. That, of course, was until a slot for filler content opened up on Thursday afternoons. Therefore, these are the Week 1 ACC football picks.

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In the College Football Pick Six earlier, our collective sense of adventure came forth with against-the-spread picks. Here, we’ll do straight-up and against-the-spread picks. Why not?

Week 1 ACC Football Picks: Just So We’re Clear…

The Boston College/UMass pick comes tomorrow.

Week 1 ACC Football Picks: Thursday Games

Wake Forest at Louisiana-Monroe (7pm, ESPNU)

This might be the only time this season I pick Wake Forest, in a technical upset no less, so accept this offering and run with it. WF | WF +2

Week 1 ACC Football Picks: Friday Games

Villanova at Syracuse (7:30pm, ESPN3)

As enjoyable as it would probably be to see Villanova do some nasty things to our central New York rivals, it probably is not going to happen. Unless your FBS team is “Georgia State bad” or your FCS team is “North Dakota State good,” that sort of upset is not going to happen more than a few percent of the time. Syracuse | No spread

Week 1 ACC Football Picks: Saturday Games

UCLA at Virginia (12pm, ESPN)

I will be thoroughly impressed if the Wahoos pull this off. I say that because I’m relatively confident it is not going to happen. The backdoor cover is always in play when the spread that high, though. UCLA | UCLA -21

Delaware at Pittsburgh (12pm, ESPN3)

(Yawn) (scratches shoulder) (checks watch) Pittsburgh | No spread

Wofford at Georgia Tech (12:30pm, ESPN3)

This is the kind of game where the Jackets typically pull a 62-3 win out of their backsides. Georgia Tech | No spread

Georgia Southern at NC State (12:30pm, ESPN3)

Must I have an opinion on this game? Alright, fine. NC State | NCSU -21

William & Mary at Virginia Tech (4pm, ESPNEWS)

If the Tribe was playing Maryland, I’d say they have a legitimate shot, but remember the time that Virginia Tech lost to an FCS team at home? So does Frank Beamer. Virginia Tech | No spread

Clemson at Georgia (5:30pm, ESPN)

Conference bias all the way, baby. Besides, how far outside the realm of possibility can it be when both teams are still considered to be good and Clemson beat them last year? Mark Richt will lose control of a perfect season. Clemson | Clemson +7.5

Elon at Duke (6pm, ESPN3)

By this point, all the sane ACC fans will be watching Clemson/Georgia. Duke | No spread

Liberty at North Carolina (6pm, ESPN3)

For every good game like the Tigers and Bulldogs, there are five games like this. UNC | No spread

Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (8pm, ABC)

Jameis continues to be both famous and undefeated. FSU | FSU -18

Week 1 ACC Football Picks: Monday Games

Miami at Louisville (8pm, ESPN)

Louisville gets a proper welcome into the ACC by facing Miami, and unlike the majority of contests on this list, it should actually be an interesting game. Bobby Petrino takes his ACC debut. Louisville | UL -3.5