Evaluating the New Boston College Football Depth Chart


The new Boston College football depth chart for Week 1 of the 2014 season has finally been released. Were there any surprises?

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A few, but not many, as most of it seems to be what we expected all along, but there are some player placements that are a bit interesting and notable. One thing Boston College fans will notice in a thorough breakdown of the positions is that it becomes very clear what Steve Addazio’s position is on playing the true freshmen from his new recruiting class.

Boston College Football Depth Chart: Offense

(scroll right for full listing; top line is first-string)

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Boston College Football Depth Chart: Defense

[table id=8 /]

Boston College Football Depth Chart: Special Teams

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Thoughts will from hereon be arranged in bullet point format for ease of reading.


  • The offense line is exactly how most of us expected. Every single starter is a fifth-year senior, and there are no underclassmen listed. This is a very experienced line.
  • It looks like Boston College will go running back-by-committee. There are five players listed here, and most or all will probably see playing time. Keep a particular eye on freshmen Marcus Outlow and Jon Hilliman, who could explode onto the scene.
  • The Eagles have four true freshman and one walk-on listed at wide receiver. The point being made should be self-explanatory.


  • Steven Daniels has apparently been demoted to a back-up, which is particularly surprising considering that he is the only returning starter at linebacker. We’ll see how that plays out.
  • Sean Sylvia is also no longer a starter; he was the starter at free safety, but now Justin Simmons owns the role.
  • Harold Landry is on the depth chart, and he will play. That’s exciting.
  • Mehdi Abdesmad has moved from the outside to the interior of the defensive line. At almost 300 pounds he has the mass to be there.
  • Boston College has eight true freshmen listed on defense. That is also telling, in part because it seems Addazio really wants to get his new recruits in there.


  • Alex Howell is both kicker and punter, not splitting roles with Mike Knoll. Interesting, but it isn’t the first time Addazio has done this.