Doug Flutie Statue Redecorated by Anonymous UMass Fan


Bulletin board material for Boston College Eagles fans ahead of Saturday’s football game at Gillette: just look what they did to the Doug Flutie statue.

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We could have substituted the word “Fan” in the title for a variety of other terms, some more obvious and funny than others, but this is sometimes alleged to be a family site.

Somehow, in what we can imagine was broad daylight, an anonymous UMass fan got onto the Boston College campus and defaced the Doug Flutie statue with some disturbing imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

Boston College fans would do the same, but Amherst is too far away and UMass has produced no football players of serious note who are worthy of a statue.

The reaction on the Superfan end has been fairly and understandably predictable, but before losing your cool, just remember this: if Saturday’s game goes the way we all expect it to go, then the UMass people will no longer be laughing. Stunts like this are all they will have.

Nevertheless, our poor Doug Flutie statue was desecrated, but Eagles fan Dave sums it up quite nicely: