2014 Boston College Football Fan Predictions


Time now for 2014 Boston College football fan predictions, where Eagles fans took their best guesses over the summer at what sort of season they envision for their team.

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Earlier today, our season expectations piece revealed that we think the “cone of uncertainty,” to borrow a weather and software term, lies somewhere between a worst-case scenario of 3-9 and a best-case scenario of 8-4. Do the fans fall within that range, or are there some extremists in the spectrum?

2014 Boston College Football Fan Predictions: The Vote

The Boston College fans polled kept themselves for the most part contained to an even smaller range of possibilities, with most falling between five and eight wins this season — to be exact, 80 percent were in that field of results.

These 2014 Boston College Football fan predictions also show that about 78 percent believe the Eagles will be bowl-eligible this season. That is a bold thing to assume, especially with over half (54 percent) believing that they will win no fewer than seven games this season. That would do no less than match their 2013 win total, in spite of the difficulties that some on the outside believe the team will have.

This speaks to the return of confidence on the part of Boston College football fans. It used to be that the media would underrate the Eagles but the fans believed, and their team delivered. During the Dark Period™, we collectively got away from that as it became realistic to assume Boston College would lose. Those days appear to be gone, and as we enter Addazio’s second year, the fanbase seems to be looking for a continued return to normalcy, sans Warren G. Harding (look it up).