2014 Boston College Football Away Games: Ranking the Road Trips

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Nov 2, 2013; Tallahassee, FL, USA; A general view of Doak Campbell Stadium before the game between the Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

2. 2014 Boston College Football Away Games: Florida State, Doak Campbell Stadium

The list of things that Doak has going for it is actually respectable. For example, it is in sunny Florida, it is a huge stadium with a passionate football culture, and the place has plenty of history. Tallahassee is an elite college football zone and one would think that going to the home stadium of the national champion would be the best a visiting team could do.

A few things come up on the downside, however. One, it would not be an easy trip at all, even though there might be a larger Eagles contingent at this game than the first two. Driving it would take at least 18 hours from Boston, if not several more. Further, a direct flight from Boston does not exist and it could cost hundreds of dollars to get there by air.

Second, considering that the Eagles are probably not going down to Doak in November and winning, it could get particularly miserable for Boston College fans who go, for a variety of reasons. Don’t let that stop you from going, because if they do win, you’ll be the only happy person in the joint, having seen something monumental.