2014 Boston College Football Away Games: Ranking the Road Trips

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Jun 8, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Revolution fans tailgate outside Gillette Stadium after a loss to the New York Red Bulls. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

There are five 2014 Boston College football away games. One of them happens to be half an hour (or so) down the road, while the other four are actual road trips.

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What are the nicest venues amongst them, you ask? Which offer the most to the fans and have the most fulfilling game experience?

Please note that this is all fun and games, not done with any intended malice towards particular teams or stadiums. If you have an explicit objection to where your venue or school is ranked and are unable to chill out, remember the immortal words of Eddie Murphy — something about having a Coke and a smile and you know the rest. This is not intended to be taken seriously, but the internet is serious business as some cat in a meme once told us all.

DQ. 2014 Boston College Football Away Games: UMass, Gillette Stadium

This one doesn’t really count, but we’ll mention it. If this was just a straight-up evaluation of venues, this would either be #1 or #2.

Why? For one thing, it’s an NFL stadium and by far the most modern. It is also a place with many amenities literally within eyeshot; you could spend all day down at Patriot Place and never set foot in the stadium. There are restaurants, bars, stores, and more.

The problem is that it isn’t really a road trip per se, which is why it is disqualified. In fact, it is much closer to Boston College than the home team’s campus. Most every Eagles fan who attends can be back home within an hour after the game, unless of course they choose to hit one of the bars.