August 16 Boston College Football Scrimmage: Storified


Today’s Boston College football scrimmage is in the books; it sounds like it did not go so well for one unit.

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Of course, since the Eagles are playing against themselves, if it went poorly for half of the team, then it went great for the other.

There was very little fanfare in the lead-up to the Boston College football scrimmage this morning — in fact, yours truly thought for some reason that it would be at noon — and as such little coverage.

We will get more information on the specific stats and player performances later, and when they come in, this article will be updated.

UPDATE: No stats, but a story from Boston College Athletics.

The Storify version:

Boston College Football Scrimmage, August 16, 2014

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The first thing that will catch one’s eye here is this: nine turnovers. In a scrimmage. And who knows how long they actually played in terms of game time (relative to the standard sixty minutes), or how hard. At a number that ghastly high, the Boston College offense probably turned it over on almost every possession.

That has to be a little concerning, considering that the Eagles were on the plus side of the turnover ratio last year, not coughing it up often but not generating many turnovers, either. Like with all things involved in a scrimmage, however, there are two sides to the coin.

As far as the defense is concerned, they had a great morning. Eagles fans are probably hoping that the defense saves some of those takeaways for the regular season, just like they will pray the offense is getting the turnovers out of their systems now.

It is still important not to put too much stock into preseason intrasquad scrimmage, even with the season two weeks away, but this does tell us that there are still things to fix before the opener at Gillette.

Otherwise in this morning’s Boston College football scrimmage, it is encouraging to hear from Steve Addazio that Tyler Murphy had a good performance, despite the fact that he was likely involved in some of those turnovers. Addazio said that he thought Murphy “competed his tail off,” and his teammates are excited about having an offense run by a mobile quarterback.

A week from now, the Eagles will enter into their “dress rehearsal” phase, and hopefully, these issues that arose today are handled.