Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview

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2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Nat Dixon, likely backup

Our Preview: Nat Dixon, WR

Like teammate Gabe McClary, Dixon is another tall freshman wide receiver from Florida who looks to make an impact in his early days at Boston College.

Also like McClary, he played track and field, winning a championship on the high jump. Dixon is known to be an athletic player, which is a plus.

The likely course for Dixon is that he redshirts or gets very limited snaps in 2014 as he learns the college game. It is not out of the question for some true freshmen to get relatively significant playing time for this team this season, but that should not be the case for all or even most.

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Sherm Alston, likely backup

Our Preview: Sherman Alston, RB

Alston is an interesting case, and his listing at wide receiver on the 2014 team roster was somewhat of a surprise.

To be fair, Alston did make 19 catches last season and did some damage receiving the football, but by trade he is a running back. That is how the New Yorker was recruited to Boston College, but the needs of the team have apparently changed.

At 5-6, it is difficult to see the Eagles lining Alston up at wide receiver, but if he remains listed there, he could be used in situations where the Eagles throw to him out of the backfield or go the screen pass route.