Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview

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2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Thadd Smith, likely backup

Our Preview: Thadd Smith, WR

Smith was one of the more notable freshman wide receivers to join the Boston College Eagles this season, and we may not have to wait that long to see what he can do.

Smith’s height, 5-foot-9, is somewhat of an issue, but there is no questioning the fact that he is talented. He was recruited to Boston College as an athlete, but wide receiver is his position.

This is another player who could end up redshirting for 2014, particularly if building mass in the weight room is on his to-do list.

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Bobby Swigert, injured, status in question

Our Preview: Bobby Swigert, WR

Swigert was at one point the most prominent wide receiver on the Eagles, and he and Alex Amidon made quite a pair. Now, Swigert is the only one left (thanks unfortunately to a medical redshirt), but his road back onto the field will not be an easy one.

The sad part is that Swigert has been beset by injuries by injuries since his true junior year in 2012, and his status in 2014 is still not clear.

There is hope that he will play, and if he does, he could instantly become one of the leaders in this wide receiver unit. Boston College can surely use his help if he is healthy, but there is no way to know when that may be.

Swigert and the coaching staff are both hopeful that he will play and contribute this season.

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Harrison Jackson, injured, status in question

Our Preview: Harrison Jackson, WR

Jackson has been participating in some team practices this year, but the word is that he may be out for the season.

This would be a disappointing outcome for Jackson, who has played 15 games for the Eagles but suffered a horrible injury against New Mexico State last year — it was so bad that he was hospitalized in the southwest while his team flew home.

At this stage, there does not appear to be much we can expect from him, and as such the chance at a comeback that he all hoped he would get might not be coming in 2014.