Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview

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2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Charlie Callinan, likely backup

Our Preview: Charlie Callinan, WR

Callinan redshirted in 2013, but the first that any Eagles fans saw of him was in the 2014 spring game in April.

In that contest, Callinan was the star of the show from a wide receiver standpoint, registering seven catches for 98 yards.

Now, a good spring game performance plus a quarter will get you 15 minutes of parking in Cleveland Circle and not much else, but Callinan does look legitimately capable at this position. Right now, the expectation is that he will back up, but of the backups, he could receive a fair number of snaps. His is a name you will likely see this season.

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Drew Barksdale, likely backup

Our Preview: Drew Barksdale, WR

Barksdale’s redshirt was burnt for one game last season against USC, but there are hopes that his 2014 season as a sophomore could be more significant.

He seems to be another one of the up-and-coming underclassmen who is positioning himself to take a greater role in this wide receiver unit. There is little we know of Barksdale as a player, mainly since we have not seem much of him yet, but it is conceivable that he will get more snaps this season, and perhaps a few receptions.

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Griff Rogan, likely backup

Our Preview: Griff Rogan, WR

Rogan walked onto the team several years ago and is still a part of Boston College football as he enters his senior year on the Heights.

Unfortunately in his case, he has not appeared in any games so far and did not close out the 2013 season on the depth chart. Rogan may be experienced in terms of years on the team and grade level, but not in terms of game play.

If he does get into the action this season, expect it to be in late-game “mop-up” situations. It would be nice to see some of the senior walk-ons finally get to play, even if in a circumstance such as that.