Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Boston College wide receivers preview is about a unit in reconstruction.

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“Reconstruction” meaning that the top wide receiver from last season is gone, which has to make an impact even though the Eagles throw the ball a minimal percentage of the time.

Alex Amidon ran the show for the Eagles at this position for the last several years, but he is out, and someone is going to have to catch the football when Tyler Murphy throws it. There are a number of newcomers entering at this position in 2014, but one way or another, Boston College is going to have to stitch together a capable wide receiver corps.

The question is, will they?

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Losses

• Alex Amidon, graduation
Spiffy Evans, transfer
Marcus Grant, transfer
Nigel Matthews, off roster

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Gains

• Sherm Alston, freshman, converted from RB
Josh Bordner, converted from QB
• Nat Dixon, freshman
• Gabe McClary, freshman
Shakim Phillips, transfer
• Thadd Smith, freshman

2014 Boston College Wide Receivers Preview: Dan Crimmins, likely starter

Our Preview: Dan Crimmins, WR

Crimmins has had an under-the-radar career for the Eagles so far, having already played in 22 games, but that is probably going to change in 2014 as his role becomes a more prominent one.

He may have only had a game high of two receptions last season — that he is now a projected top receiver tells you something about the state of the wide receiver unit — but he was tops alongside Alex Amidon on the depth chart last season, and it looks as though he will be in a leading role.