Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Backs Preview

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The 2014 Boston College backs preview is an important one, as this is a vital position for the Eagles.

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Every position has its value to the team, no matter how “visible” or not, but for Boston College, a great deal of the offense flows through this one in particular. How the running backs do is hugely critical to the overall success of the team.

Boston College had a record-setting running back last season by the name of Andre Williams, who now plays for the New York Giants. Though he is not here to continue carrying the torch for this offense, there are talented backs rising up in the ranks to replace him.

2014 Boston College Backs Preview: Losses

Tahj Kimble (RB), graduation
Jake Sinkovec (FB), graduation
• Andre Williams (RB), graduation

2014 Boston College Backs Preview: Myles Willis, Likely RB Starter

Our Preview: Myles Willis, RB

Willis played in 2013 as a true freshman, and added some pop to the Eagles lineup at running back. He proved to be a nice change-of-pace back to complement Williams; Andre was the big, forceful, downhill runner, while Myles was the smaller, shiftier guy.

This year, it is notable that Myles Willis has put on weight. He is now up by about fifteen pounds from last season to 203, which might give him the ability to hit those gaps with more force.

In what we have seen of Myles Willis so far, he is a talented young man who could go far with this team, especially if the offensive line allows him to do so.