VIDEO: Andre Williams Scores First Touchdown for New York Giants


Former Boston College Eagles star Andre Williams scored the first touchdown of the 2014 NFL preseason in the first quarter for the New York Giants.

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Williams broke Boston College and ACC records in 2013 when he ran for over 2,100 yards, earning a Heisman finalist spot late in the season. It was his strong performance that got Andre Williams drafted in the fourth round by a team with many Chestnut Hill connections: the New York Football Giants.

Over the offseason and in the lead-up to the 2014 NFL Draft, some scouts criticized Williams for being too one-dimensional. Not that any of us believe it, but he showed on Sunday night that he can run the football and is very good at doing so.

Here was Andre Williams’ first touchdown as a Giant. We would embed it if we could, but such things are evidently frowned upon by the NFL — must be that “retransmitted without expressed written consent” mumbo-jumbo they say after every game.

Back to Andre, he was facing the Buffalo Bills’ second-string defensive line while the Giants still had their completely overhauled first-string offensive line on the field. As such, one would expect him to do his best in that situation, and he did. Shortly before the touchdown, Andre Williams broke a 21-yard run to give the Giants first and goal inside the five.

If he is getting good blocking, as he did in his senior season at Boston College, Andre can do special things. Assuming that he can continue to develop his offensive game as a receiver, this could be the start of a promising NFL career for the former Eagle.