Top 5 Boston College Football Freshmen to Watch in 2014

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Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

As we look at the top 5 Boston College football freshmen to watch in the 2014 season, keep in mind that many will not play. What was a large class of 28 incoming recruits will be pared down as the August 30 opener approaches, and the first year of eligibility for more than a handful will be suspended via redshirt.

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We have come up with five freshmen who, if given the chance, will make an impact and have a big say in how the 2014 season turns out for the Boston College Eagles. It is our expectation that the names on this list will play this year.

Remember also that some freshmen will simply have to play, given the circumstances that exist at certain positions. With a talented class of newcomers now at the Heights, the timing could not be better for some to contribute.

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