Map: From Where Do Boston College Football Recruits Come?


Please respect the refusal in the title to put a preposition at the end of the sentence. In other news, a Boston College football recruits map.

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Boston College fans know that head coach Steve Addazio and his coaching staff have been hard at work trying to find new talent for this football program. Officially, 28 newcomers join the program this year from the 2014 class, not inclusive of several transfers, including

Tyler Murphy

and Ian Silberman from the Florida Gators.

They have been putting out feelers up and down the East Coast, but when it comes to those who actually become Boston College football recruits, a visual aid might help put into perspective where the coaches have been the most successful so far.

The image below was generated by OpenHeatMap using data inputs by yours truly. Good tidings and thank you to Terrapin Station editor Michael Willis for the suggestion.

This map covers all the recruits gained so far under Steve Addazio alone, which is 43 in total as of yesterday, June 23, 2014.

Boston College Football Recruits: 2014-2015 Map

Some recruit hometowns had to be approximated, but you get the idea.

Boston College has the Boston to New York stretch of the I-95 corridor nailed down, with a bunch of hits coming in eastern Massachusetts as one might like to see for a college located there.

Northern New Jersey is also clearly a hot spot for the Eagles, but what is encouraging are the smudges around Florida and Georgia. There is plenty of good football talent to tap into down there, and Addazio knows it from his days coaching in The Swamp. That Boston College is having some success in recruiting there is a plus, as is the success Addazio is having closer to home, which was a stated goal of his when he took the job in 2012.