Linked to the Heights, June 21: WR Chase Pankey Commits

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June has been a productive month so far for Boston College recruiting interests. The number of newcomers for the month grew to five on Friday as Chase Pankey entered the fray.

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Moeller WR Chase Pankey commits to Boston College (, Mike Dyer)

Boston College has a fairly steady pipeline of talent from St. Xavier in Cincinnati, but there are a lot of high schools in that area, and Archbishop Moeller is the latest one to forward the Eagles some talent.

Chase Pankey, a three-star wide receiver from Cincinnati, became the fourteenth commitment for the 2015 class yesterday. He and Ben Glines are the only two from Ohio so far, but considering there are probably at least ten more commitments the school will seek between now and signing day, the Buckeye State might yet appear again on the list.

Check out Boston College’s full 2015 recruit list here.

More on Chase Pankey: his offers included Ball State, Marshall, and Bowling Green. He comes in at 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds, and reportedly ran a 4.47 40 at the Under Armour Combine in January. Boston College was the last school to offer him, and the Eagles coaches closed the deal.

The highlight tape looks promising as well, showing some elusiveness and ability to separate from (sorry) less-talented high school defenders:

Pankey found himself wide-open quite a bit in those few minutes of tape, but he also shows some ability in rushing the ball on end-arounds and passes that develop in the backfield.

We welcome Chase Pankey to the Heights. The only issue I foresee is that one day, he might make a big play for the Eagles, and I see a “Hanky Pankey” headline in the sports section circa 2018. Just be prepared for that.