Top 5 Games of the Steve Donahue Era at Boston College

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2. March 14, 2013: Boston College Defeats Georgia Tech; Hanlan Scores 41

That miniature late-season run in 2012-13 started with item #4 at Virginia, but this game at the ACC Tournament was seen as the coming-out party.

Olivier Hanlan almost single-handedly destroyed the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in this 84-64 win, the only game the Donahue 2011 class has won in the ACC Tournament so far.

It was this kind of performance that convinced people that the Eagles might finally have put it all together after two years of flopping, flailing, growing pains, and teasing the fans with last-minute collapses. That’s not what happened, but at this point, optimism in Donahue was nearing another peak.