It’s Best for College Football If Andre Williams Wins The Heisman

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3.) Better coverage of teams not in the Top 25.

One interesting facet about Williams being in contention for the Heisman is the fact that BC is not in contention for a national championship. Even at 7-5, Williams is being mentioned in Heisman conversation, which brings to light something amiss with college football.

We miss so many of the great players either because they don’t play for a powerhouse program like a USC or Notre Dame or because they are not in the Top 25 like an Ohio State or Alabama. When Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy in 2011, Baylor was unranked for three games mid-season after losing 3 out of their last four games. It wasn’t until Williams led BC to a four-game wining streak that people began to take notice of the banner year he was having.

Awarding Williams the Heisman allows the media to focus more on teams outside of the top 25 and away from the subjective obsession there is with schools in conferences like the SEC.