It’s Best for College Football If Andre Williams Wins The Heisman

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4.) Giving notice to big players on small teams.

Forte, Ray Rice, and Kevin Smith were the last three running backs to join the 2,000 rushing yards club, but none of them were invited to New York. Ironically, these three hit 2,000 yards in the same season (2007).

Forte attended Tulane, Rice attended Rutgers, and Smith attended Central Florida. All three took a backseat to Darren McFadden who did not even cracked 2,000 yards in the season. Oh and by the way, those 2007 Razorbacks finished 8-5 after their bowl game, which BC has the potential to do as well.

If Williams were playing for an SEC team like McFadden was, there would be no question he would be more regarded than he is right now. Awarding the Heisman to Williams displays notice on outstanding players at universities like a Boston College.