Re-Ranking BC Football’s Remaining Schedule By Difficulty



In late August, Soaring to Glory ranked the twelve regular-season games from 1 to 12, with #12 being the least difficult game and #1 as the hardest game on the schedule this year.

With several weeks of football already having been played, we have somewhat of a read on these teams now.

First, the original list:

12: Maine (W, 34-3)
11: Army
10: Maryland
9: Miami (L, 41-32)
8: Wake Forest
7: Northwestern (L, 22-13)
6: Georgia Tech
5: NC State
4: Notre Dame
3: Clemson
2: Virginia Tech
1: Florida State

The bad news is that both of BC’s losses were to teams in the quote-unquote “easier” half of the schedule, but the good news is, um, I’m not sure what the good part of that is. That it’s only two losses? Yeah, let’s go with that.

These are the remaining nine games with their new difficulty rank from 1 to 9, with 9 being the so-called easiest.

9. Army

It says something that this is BC’s easiest game left because I think Army will be a pain in the hindquarters on October 6. Whatever happens, I will make the trek to West Point to see it live; see you folks at Michie Stadium.

8. Maryland

The Terps aren’t very good but I didn’t think they’d have two wins right now. BC is at home and will likely be favored, even if only slightly.

7. Wake Forest

It won’t be easy beating Wake at home.

6. NC State

The Wolfpack look more so-so than I expected.

5. Georgia Tech

This could be higher if the teams in front of them weren’t better, for one reason: BC’s run defense is poor, and all Georgia Tech does is shred teams on the ground. What do you think will happen if the front seven doesn’t suddenly play a lot better? They could rush for 500 yards on this team and I’m not kidding a little; look at what they did to UVA.

4. Virginia Tech

Something’s not quite right with the Hokies at this point in the season, but in the past three seasons, they have outscored BC 97-28. I’d be surprised if they can’t get up for this game knowing how they’ve owned us recently.

3. Notre Dame

It looks like the Irish are back; BC may have an emotional chip on their shoulder that could make things interesting, but aside from that, Notre Dame is playing on a higher level than the Eagles right now.

2. Clemson

The Tigers are good all-around. BC last got them in 2010 when Dabo and Co. were in the middle of a 6-6 season, but this game could look more like last year’s Death Valley debacle as Clemson aims to win 10+ games.

1. Florida State

Still number one. Florida State is probably going to tear this team a new collective cornchute and there’s nothing we can do about it. Them getting embarrassed between now and October 13 is probably the only thing that will keep them from being 35-point favorites.