101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 12-7

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An entire college football season for most teams is twelve games. When you think about professional sports, or even some other college games like basketball or hockey, they’ve got so many more contests, but in this sport, a dozen games is all you get. A swing of one or two either way can be the difference between a great season or disappointment.

Boston College has twelve games to come this season, but which are the easiest and which are hardest? First, we look at the six easier games. One never wants to take any opponent lightly, but if BC is going to find themselves six wins, chances are most will come from this pile.

The easiest game on BC’s schedule has to be the FCS game. That would be Maine, the second game of the season at Alumni Stadium. Boston College may have had issues with most everyone else, but when it comes to schools at the lower division, the Eagles haven’t toyed around with them.

The Black Bears were actually good last year for an FCS team, going 9-4 overall and winning a playoff game before losing in the national quarterfinals to Georgia Southern. That probably won’t make much of a difference as the talent levels are different, but they weren’t terrible.

Of note: Maine played Pittsburgh to within a touchdown last season, losing at Pitt, 35-29.