101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 6-1

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Yesterday, it was the six easiest games on the schedule (though that is a relative term), and today, it’s the six most difficult. Any team on this list isn’t going to be a pushover, and chances are Boston College will have to fight and claw every step of the way if they plan on winning.

We begin with #6, and work all the way up to the hardest game the Eagles will play this season.

Georgia Tech was an 8-win team last season, and are expected to be in second or third place in the ACC Coastal once again. Their offense is entirely one-dimensional as they run, run, and run some more, which ought to take some pressure off of BC’s thin secondary, but the Eagles’ defensive line has to be better at the point of attack and shut down the run more effectively than they did last season. Having Kaleb Ramsey back will help, but this game looks like no cakewalk.

GT only lost two home games last season, both to Top 15 teams. They defend their home field pretty well, score a lot of points, and play decent defense (the Jackets were more average in that department last year). This team isn’t far from being ranked, so they will be a tough test for the Eagles.