101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 6-1

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Taking that disastrous BCS bowl out of the equation, there’s no doubt that Clemson has gotten much better (though they waited until the aforementioned bowl game to “pull a Clemson.”) They surely didn’t the last time BC saw them, as the Eagles were thoroughly dominated and Chase Rettig ran around like his hair was on fire trying to avoid Clemson’s massive defensive linemen.

The fact that this game is at home might help a little bit, but make no mistake: Clemson is a legitimate team and they’re bringing back some superior talent, such as Tajh Boyd, Andre Ellington, and Sammy Watkins. The only thing I might watch for is that this game could be a let-down for Clemson, as they play FSU the week before.

I doubt it makes a difference where this game is played, as Clemson will be difficult to beat anywhere.