101 Days of BC Football: Ranking 2012 Schedule By Difficulty, 6-1

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Last year’s #1 most difficult game drops to #4 this season as the game is at Alumni Stadium and the Irish, like most years, are probably a little overrated. BC could ride a wave of crowd emotion to a hard-earned victory, but it’s never that easy, is it?

The Eagles hung close to the Irish all game last season before losing a narrow decision. Meanwhile, in 2010, ND came into BC’s building and pantsed them on national television, throwing in a little Nelson Muntz “HA ha” as well as that game was over in the first quarter.

I do not believe that Notre Dame is as good as people think they are, though right now they’re still better than we are, and BC hasn’t beaten them in years. This is one of those games where BC’s players might reach back for a little something extra out of a desire to beat the Irish, but ND will not make this a simple affair.