2014 Boston College Football Offense: Stats and Grades

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Nov 1, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Boston College Eagles wide receiver Charlie Callinan (83) celebrates with running back Marcus Outlow (7) and running back David Dudeck (26) after scoring a touchdown in the second quarter at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Boston College Football Offense: Receivers

Boston College Eagles. RECEIVERS . C-. As widely expected before the start of the season, Boston College’s receiving corps was a liability. <p>The injured veteran, Bobby Swigert, never made his return to the Eagles in 2014, and as such Boston College was forced to adapt with what they had. The Eagles were not a team likely to sling the ball around, so the statistics were going to be meager, but oftentimes they did not help themselves out.</p> <p>One frequent play seen when Boston College was on offense in 2014 was a drop. There would be times when Tyler Murphy delivered perfect passes to his receivers, only to see them end up on the turf. If a stat for dropped passes existed, Boston College would probably be near the ACC lead.</p> <p>Getting Shakim Phillips to transfer back to the Heights helped, but the team’s leading receiver (in terms of yardage) was a former quarterback who physically looked more like a tight end. </p>. WR/TE

2014 Boston College Football Offense: Receiver Stats

Josh Border, the quarterback-turned-wide receiver, led the Eagles with 346 yards this season. He had three touchdown catches and averaged just under 27 yards per game.

Shakim Phillips led Boston College with four touchdown catches on 282 yards.

Dan Crimmins was second in yardage with 305 receiving yards, but had no touchdowns.

Running back Sherm Alston caught two touchdown passes for 175 yards, showing off his versatility and speed.

Charlie Callinan, Dave Dudeck, fullback Bobby Wolford, and running back Marcus Outlow were the other Eagles with touchdown receptions.

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