Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Big Ten Football

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Nov 23, 2013; College Park, MD, USA; Boston College Eagles defensive lineman Brian Mihalik (99) sacks Maryland Terrapins quarterback C.J. Brown (16) during the first half at Byrd Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Big Ten Football Schedule-A-Team: Maryland Terrapins

All-Time History With Boston College: 11 games (8-3-0)
Last Faced: 2013 (BC wins, 29-26)

Travel (if necessary): Boston College knows the way to College Park.

Mutual Interest Factor: They’ve barely been out of the ACC, so who even knows if the thought has arisen.

Intrigue Factor: There was a slight rivalry here in the past, and it could bubble back to the surface if the two teams play one another.

The Verdict: Not sure if I would schedule, but probably.

I would personally not refuse to schedule them because they left our conference and hurt our feelings, wah wah wah. Boston College left a conference themselves, and to do that would be hypocritical. Why, we’d be no better than UConn under Jim Calhoun.

Still, one cannot deny that the two teams established some history with one another, and someday, it might be fun to stoke the coals again. Who said a little mutual dislike in football was a bad thing?

Really, I just miss beating them in football. The ACC traded up by bringing Louisville into the fold, but they are not easy to defeat on the field.

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