Linked to the Heights, Oct. 16: Boston College Basketball Court New, Mildly Exciting

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College basketball court, like their coach, is all new this season.

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It remains to be seen if the Eagles have upgraded on the bench, but they are upgrading below their feet as new hardwood will go into place at Conte Forum this season.

Boston College Basketball

Men’s Basketball To Hold Open Practice Saturday

While announcing that the team is going to have an open practice before the Clemson game — which I’m sure will be well-attended in light of the fact that a tailgate will be taking place simultaneously with regards to a team that has actually won lately — the school also makes note of and introduces the new Boston College basketball court.

It’s a little browner in spots, and the lettering is nice. That about covers it.

As astute fans who follow the Boston College basketball team would know, the problem this season is not going to be the court itself: it will be what’s running around on top of it.

Perhaps the shiny new hardwood will distract the fans (those who are still going, anyway) from what is expected to be another lousy season. It’s a hollow point of pride, to be sure, but not a bad effort by Boston College Athletics.