Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Backs Preview

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2014 Boston College Backs Preview: Marcus Outlow, RB Backup

Our Preview: Marcus Outlow, RB

Outlow was the first commit to climb on board for Boston College’s 2014 class, and it is indeed possible that many future plans the Eagles have at this position will revolve around him.

As for how things are stacking up this season, that is still a matter for debate.

Marcus Outlow might end up playing this season as the primary backup to Willis, or he might redshirt and sit the whole thing out. That is a broad range of possibilities, and with current developments in camp being what they are (much has been said of Myles Willis so far, but little of the other running backs on the team), it is difficult to know at this time what the fates of the running backs will be.

Time will tell, but if asking if Outlow can contribute to the Eagles, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether or not it is this season, it will be exciting for Eagles fans to see what he can do.