Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Quarterbacks Preview

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2014 Boston College Quarterbacks Preview: Troy Flutie, Third-String

Our Preview: Troy Flutie, QB

Everybody loves a Flutie. Everybody loves a Flutie who comes to play at Boston College.

The recruiting services thought Troy Flutie, the latest of the dynastic Eagles family, was going to be a wide receiver, but Doug Flutie knew his nephew was going to be coming to the school as a quarterback.

At Natick High, just like Uncle Doug, Troy Flutie made a name for himself; as a senior, he was by far the best player on his team. Do not let it be said that he got into the Eagles’ football program on name alone: Flutie was a very good high school player with some talent.

As of now, based upon what has unfolded in camp so far since the Walsh transfer, it seems Flutie will be the third-string quarterback for the Eagles this season. Getting down to Flutie on the depth chart would be disastrous: again, not necessarily because he would do a bad job, but because he would literally be the only quarterback remaining on the roster. At that point, the team would have significant issues beyond merely who would be the next backup.