Boston College Football 2014: Troy Flutie, QB


Certain names carry weight in certain places. If you’re in San Francisco and your last name is Rice or Montana, people might be nicer to you. In certain political circles, the surnames Kennedy and Bush command respect. Meanwhile, at Boston College, if you’re named Troy Flutie, those last six letters are going to get you noticed.

To have had an uncle like Doug Flutie and a dad like Darren Flutie is some good football lineage, aside from the fact that Doug is one of the greatest Eagles of all-time and Darren was a very prolific wide receiver for most of his years on the Heights. Troy Flutie will not be the third of the House of Flutie to shift operations to Chestnut Hill, and assuming the next generation gets cracking on progeny, there will be more to follow down the road.

Troy Flutie comes to Boston College for his own purposes and to help Boston College win, but he is doubtlessly cognizant of the name he carries and how much it means to those at this school. Even with it, however, he still has to earn his keep on Steve Addazio’s football team like anybody else. How will Flutie contribute to the Eagles in his first year?

Troy Flutie: Fast Facts

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Doug Flutie himself advised us last year that Troy was recruited as a quarterback, and that his listing by recruiting services was a wide receiver was erroneous.
  • Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts
  • High School: Natick High School
  • Measurements: 6-foot-0, 170 lb.
  • Class year at 2014 opener: Freshman
  • BC games played: 0

Troy Flutie: 2013 Season (HS)

  • Starting quarterback for Natick High School
  • Games played: 11
  • Cumulative statistics: 182-for-288, 3027 yards, 47 TD, 11 INT; 93 rush, 824 yards, 6 TD
  • Did not appear on Spring 2014 roster

Flutie has been tearing the competition to shreds at Natick for years. He has been a large part of the team’s success and that leads us to say one thing (well, two): he can play, and he’s not here on his name alone. To say otherwise would neglect his talent.

Troy Flutie might get a shot to compete for a backup job out of camp. With that said, chances are it is going to one of the players who has been around longer, like James Walsh, with Darius Wade a likely redshirt candidate himself. Flutie has at least a shot at that, but if not, he’s probably donning the proverbial red shirt in 2014.

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