Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, Part 1

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, 10-6

6. Bobby Swigert

Fate has been especially cruel to Bobby Swigert, who begun his Boston College playing career with promise but got injured. He ultimately ceded his spot as the premier target for Chase Rettig to Alex Amidon, who is now off to pursue other life goals.

Freshly healed from his injuries, Swigert is back at Boston College for one more year and figures to be a top receiver. As one of the most experience wide receivers Boston College has, in a position that was lacking in depth before Amidon graduated and players like Spiffy Evans and Marcus Grant left, this team will rely on Bobby Swigert for big plays.

He might find himself as the trusted target of Tyler Murphy, that is, when the team decides to throw. It would be hard for any player to have the kind of years that Amidon had towards the end of his Eagles tenure, but catches are going to be out there for Swigert this year. If he makes them, Boston College will solve at least part of the depth issue here.